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Weed Control & Geotextiles

Principal Building Products offer 3 types of Geotextiles – spunbond, woven and Needle Punched Thermally Bonded to ensure that we can offer the right product for the various applications.

In addition to the popular Geotextiles stocked a selection of single rolls are available on a next day delivery service either to your establishment or direct to site at no extra cost. Geotextiles provide an economical and easy to use solution for a variety of applications including: Stabilisation, Drainage, Filtration, Separation and Weed Control.

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Need a Geotextile or Weed Control Membrane? We've got it covered.

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Need a Geotextile or Weed Control Membrane? We've got it covered. 

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Is there a right way up to lay Weedcheck Ultra?

No , it does not matter which way up it is laid.

How long will Weedcheck Ultra last?

If being protected by a Mulch about 25 years.

Will Weedcheck Ultra prevent all weed growth?

Weedcheck Ultra is designed to control all Rhizome weeds, those which develop in the soil and are the most difficult to control. These are weeds such as Mare’s Tail, Japanese Knotweed, Couch Grass, Bermuda Grass, Ground Elder and in addition most bulbs and corns.

What is Surface Weeding?

These are either Annual or Perennial weeds which arrive in seed either by wind or by birds. They will germinate and try to push their roots through the Weedcheck Ultra. They should be removed as soon as they are seen to avoid damaging the membrane. Example of these would be chick weed and bind weed which are extremely aggressive once active, but would have developed on top of the membrane and not penetrated from underneath.

Can I feed my plants through Weedcheck Ultra?

Yes of course liquid feed is best but solid feed will break down and wash through.

Clean aggregates, bark chippings and cocoa shell will protect your Weedcheck Ultra. It is not advisable to put any soil on top of Weedcheck Ultra as a mulch.

Can I use Weedcheck Ultra without a Mulch?

Weedcheck Ultra is designed to be covered by a mulch.

Can I use Herbicides with Weedcheck Ultra?

No problem whatsoever herbicides will not affect Weedcheck Ultra in either its performance or longevity

Can Weedcheck Ultra be used under vehicles?

No, Weedcheck Ultra is designed only for pedestrian use.

I see some weeds growing in Groundcheck Extra topped areas - how is this possible?

We do not recommended Groundcheck Extra for weed control as the hole sizes in the membrane will allow certain rhizome weeds, bulbs and corns to come through. We recommend the use of Weedcheck Ultra for total weed control.

Would you recommend Groundcheck Extra when constructing a land drain?

 We do not recommend Groundcheck Extra for any drainage applications. For drainage use Stratacheck.

Can Groundcheck be laid any side up?

Yes Groundcheck functions whichever way it is laid.

How long will Groundcheck & Groundcheck Extra last?

If covered with a mulch and not exposed to sunlight or frost for around 30 years

I want to put some turf directly onto imported soil?

Imported soil, no matter what they say, is likely to contain an assortment of weeds. Tamp and level the soil and lay down Stratacheck, do not overlap, butt the edges like wallpaper. Lay the turf on top and the majority of weeds contained in the imported soil will never be seen.

Can i use Stratacheck Plus in my Horse Manège?

It is the perfect geotextile for this purpose however, you must ensure that the horse’s hoof does not come into contact with the Stratacheck. Ensure that the Stratacheck is always covered with 6’’ to 8’’ of top dressing.

Product Resources

All our product data sheets are available to download. D.O.P's and C.E documentation can be sent on request. We regularly update our literature with changes in industry regulations.