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Flush Groundgrid

Flush Groundgrid is a super-strong and eco-friendly interlocking grid system for various applications.

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic with flush base.

Size per Grid: 380mm x 570mm x 40mm Depth 

  • Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs
  • Lightweight
  • Proven connection system
  • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Non-slip and crack proof
  • Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Cut to size
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • Sustainable
  • Non expanding
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • 100% recyclable
  • Construction sites
  • Green car parking areas
  • Private lanes and access roads
  • Pathways and drives
  • Golf courses
  • Landscapes
  • Equestrian and livestock facilities
  • Green roof and rooftop gardens
  • River and road embankments
  • Private airfields
Description Grid Dimensions
Flush Groundgrid
380mm x 570mm x 40mm Depth


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