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Reliable and sturdy anchoring solution for weed control matting and geotextiles. In response to many years of market feedback, this product was developed and launched as an all-new ground cover peg for the use with geotextiles. Produced in the UK, the peg is quicker to install and holds for longer.

Description Dimensions Pack Qty
Black Groundpegs
160mm length
  • Secure anchoring: GroundPegs provide a reliable and sturdy anchoring solution for weed control matting and geotextiles, preventing them from being displaced by wind or movement.
  • Time-saving installation: With GroundPegs, the installation process becomes quicker and easier compared to traditional methods like digging holes or using staples, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Versatility: GroundPegs are compatible with various types of weed control matting and geotextiles, making them suitable for a wide range of landscaping and gardening applications.
  • Safety: GroundPegs eliminate the risks associated with exposed staples or nails, providing a safer environment for people and pets.
  • Sharp pointed ends: GroundPegs typically have sharp ends for easy insertion into the ground, ensuring a secure grip.

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