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Groundcheck Extra

A tightly loom woven 100% polypropylene membrane allowing minimum fraying when cut. Tapes are heat setted giving maximum strength. The strongest of all the various types of Geotextiles on a weight for weight basis. Ideal for trafficked areas, road construction, stabilisation and separation. Where a Geotextile is expected to perform as a Land drainage membrane, the use of Stratacheck is recommended.

  • Decorative aggregates will not be lost into sub base or substrate
  • Prevents rutting and subsidence in a Block Paviour Drive
  • Under decking will save the cost of mulching
  • The strongest type of geotextile on a weight for weight basis.
  • Aggregate Drives
  • Scree Areas Commercial
  • Car Parks & Roads
  • Block Paviour Drives
  • Horse manèges – Under type 1
  • Under Domestic Patios
  • Under Ground Grid
  • Under cellular confinement
  • Not designed to be used as a weed control membrane

Groundcheck Extra is specifically designed for Stabilisation & Separation Applications.

  1. Excavate to the appropriate depth for your application, compact the sub soil/substrate.
  2. Lay the Groundcheck Extra overlapping 250mm at joins and secure with polyprop barbed pegs. 
  3. Carefully cover with type 1 or similar working from the type 1 and not on the Groundcheck Extra.
  4. Level and compact using vibrating plate or roller.
  5. Groundcheck Extra, because of the hole sizes, cannot be recommended for weed control but will supress some weeds although, rhizomes, bulbs and corns may penetrate. 
Description Roll sizes Weight
Groundcheck Extra
1m x 12m, 1m x 25, 1m x 50m, 1m x 100m, 1.5m x 50m, 1.5m x 100m, 2m x 10m, 2m x 25m, 2m x 50m, 2m x 100m, 3m x 100m, 4.5m x 11m, 4.5m x 11m, 4.5m x 100m (folded), 4.5m x 100m

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