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Building Paper

Traditional, reinforced bitumen-bonded building paper. This product serves a wide range of end-user defined applications.

(BS 1521- Class AIF)


Typical usage for Building paper has naturally evolved over time including for example, vapour checks, as an underlay on uninsulated cladding, flat lead-sheet underlay, timber floor DPM and temporary protection.

Description Roll size
Building Paper
1m x 50m
Building Paper
1m x 25m
  • Underlays on insulated cladding
  • Temporary protection
  • Separation layers
  • Bond breaks
  • Draught and damp exclusion
  • Air movement barriers
  • BS 1521- Class AIF
  • Bitumen, paper and reinforcement scrim laminate
  • Suitable for permanent building applications
  • Traditional product
  • Standard roll sizes 1m x 25m and 1m x 50m
  • Multi-use adaptable building product


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