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Roofspace Ventilation

Roofspace ventilation can work towards controlling condensation and allow a house to breathe in designated areas. Our range of eaves, ridge and tile ventilation products should be considered in the overall design of a roof alongside HR & LR roofing membranes. The requirement for additional proprietary roofspace ventilation is ever more important with increased levels of insulation and improved airtightness. The resultant temperature difference between living and roof space has increased and water vapour is drawn towards this colder roof space by convection and can result in condensation if this moisture laden air is not vented away to outside, this venting can be achieved by cross flow ventilation from eaves to eaves or eaves to ridge. It is now accepted to combine roofspace ventilation to support LR breathable membranes when airtight roof coverings are used and/or convection tight ceilings are not achieved in practice.

Product Resources

All our product data sheets are available to download. D.O.P's and C.E documentation can be sent on request. We regularly update our literature with changes in industry regulations.