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Plasterboard / Plaster Hoods

The plasterboard hoods are 37mu thick clear polyethylene (polythene). The plaster hoods are 40mu thick. All types are fully recyclable.


These pallet hoods are manufactured from virgin low density polythene and are specifically designed to provide temporary protection of plasterboards and dry bagged plasters during storage and on sites. They are conveniently supplied perforated on rolls of 50 units . A range of sizes is available to suit all usual plasterboard sizes, plus one size to suit bagged plasters on pallets.

The hoods can be printed to special order with complex logos and designs at extra cost subject to artwork supplied. The lead time for this varies from upwards of 6 weeks. One off cost of stereos is payable on the first print run, cost dependant upon number of colours, size and position of print. The hoods have a limited resistance to UV light and will ultimately deteriorate albeit over a long period of time.

  • Economical
  • Ideal for site or warehouse use
  • Range of sizes for all plasterboards
  • Supplied on convenient rolls
  • Fully recyclable
Description Roll size Unit
8’ x 4’ (2400mm x 1200mm) - 37mu
1525mm x 3750mm
9’ x 4’ (2700mm x 1200mm) - 37mu
1525mm x 4050mm
10’ x 4’ (3000mm x 1200mm) - 37mu
1525mm x 4350mm
Plaster Hoods 1525mm x 2675mm x 1800mm - 40mu