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BBA Approval for Bullet Roof Liquid Roof Coating

Some more welcome and exciting news!. 

To support the trend and popularity in using liquid roof coatings, commonly known as liquid rubber, Principal Building Products has achieved BBA certification on its Bullet Roof Mono system to increase customer confidence with its service life of at least 30 years and fire safety classification of BROOF(t4).

Mono was developed ready to use straight out of the tin as a single pack with no blending, thickening or catalyst to be applied as a permanent, seamless and long-lasting solution to flat roof waterproofing.

Want to learn more? Visit the Bullet Roof Section of our website here

HifloWeep…..How Different Can A Wall Weep Be?

Following the great feedback during the exposure of our new wall weep design we can confirm the HifloWeep is available in popular colours clear, buff and terracotta and supplied as 50’s in compact packaging.

The popular features of the HifloWeep are its unobstructed drain channel and a unique anti-mortar blockage design that both encourages self-cleaning and free drainage via a small 4mm outlet to facework.

View our range of Wall Weeps here

Universal Dry Fix Verge - New Product!

Universal Dry Fix Verge has arrived at Principal Building Products!

Our new universal dry fix verge provides an attractive and protecting verge finish for interlocking tiles for both new and refurbishment projects.

The non-handed verge units offer simplicity as part of an easy to install system along with ridge caps and eaves starters.

Find out more by visiting our website here

NEW Radon Protection Requirements – Update -July ‘23 Guidance

Following the recently published BRE BR 211 2023 edition titled ‘Radon – Guidance on protective measures for new buildings’, its guidance should now be followed as it supports Building Regulations for all UK nations, and it has prompted the NHBC to release NHBC Technical Guidance 4.1/01 (July 2023) (Third issue) – Radon barriers.

The outline requirements for radon gas protection measures now advise the use a membrane of 400 µm or above according to construction conditions identified by the design. The NHBC Technical Guidance will be subject to a transitional period until entry in the 2024 standards Chapter 4.1 where gas barrier membranes <400µm will not be accepted when NHBC Buildmark Warranties are required.