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Universal Dry Fix Verge

The universal dry fix verge provides an attractive finish to the verge detail of a roof for most makes of interlocking tiles fitted between a batten gauge of 265mm to 340mm. The verge pieces are non-handed and are interchangeable for fitting to both LH & RH verges. The system is mortar-free and can be fixed in all weather conditions, and once fitted they will protect the verge from exposure to wind driven rain make a weatherproof and maintenance free verge. The universal dry fix verge units are available in a range of colours. Angled or half round ridge caps are available to protect the apex of the roof and eaves starter units available for securing the first verge and prevent access for birds and larger nest building vermin.


The dry fix hip support tray is fitted above the vent roll of a universal dry fix ridge kit when installed on a hipped ridge. The hip support tray provides a straight and level platform to support the tiles up the hip of the roof. The trays are 1200mm long but can easily be cut to length or shaped to the angles required at the eaves of the hip and/or ridge-hip junction.

• Dry fix verge to pitched roofs with flat and profiled tiles

• New build and refurbishment projects

• Most pitched roof types from 15-55°

• Simple and easy to install, mortar free

• Non-handed units to be interchangeable between LH & RH verges

• Lightweight and resistant to corrosion and decay

• Protects the verge from exposure to wind driven rain

• Meets requirements of BS8612

• Suitable for batten gauges between 265-340mm

• Ridge and eaves units available

•  Manufactured in UV stabilised polypropylene (PP)


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