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Metal Wall Weep

A1 Non-Combustible Concealed Stainless Steel Wall Weep.

• Used in non-masonry cavity walls for high rise developments requiring non– combustible materials within the cavity wall.

• To form unobstructed cavity wall drainage path in masonry perpend joints

• Suitable for cavity drainage below dpc at ground level

• Ideal for draining abutment & perimeter cavity trays

• To give concealed weep outlets for above lintels, stop socks, brick supports & through wall ventilators

• Great concealment with small low visibility outlet

• Will not melt or drip under extreme heat

• Straight unobstructed drainage path

• Full height perpend inlet to overcome extreme mortar build up within the cavity

• Complies with Building Regulations Approved Document C & B

• Designed to meet BS5250

• Overall size 100mm x 65mm x 10mm

• Stainless steel Mill finish

• Classified as A1, non-combustible, according to doc. 96/603/EC and BS EN


• Available with a variety of textured non-organic baked on colours

Description Colours Height Width Length Pack Qty
Metal Wall Weep