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Insugrand APP Torch on Felt

Product Range:

Insugrand 4kg , 4.5kg Sand & Grey Finish

Insugrand 2kg Underlay


INSUGRAND is a Plastomeric Modified Bitumen Membrane used for various waterproofing applications. It is manu-factured in a high-tech calendaring process, which involves the saturation and coating of a Composite polyester carrier with an APP polymer modified bitumen compound. The polymer additives are used to improve the thermal, chemical and ageing properties of the bitumen compound. Meanwhile, the mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, dimension stabil-ity, elongation and tear resistance are boosted by the composite non-woven polyester carrier, which acts as a reinforcement to the product.

INSUGRAND membranes are used for a wide variety of waterproofing requirements and in applications subject to high mechanical stresses, such as:

• roofing or re-roofing for single or multi-layer systems

• sloped and flat roofs

• tunnels, wet areas, swimming pools and toilets

• foundations and underground structures

• slab on grade

• Absolute impermeability to water

• High chemical resistance to alkaline solutions, light acidic solutions and bacteria.

• Thermal resistance under a wide range of temperature fluctuation

• Excellent U.V. resistance when surface is finished with slates

• Ease of adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

• Applicable for above and below grade usages

INSUGRAND should be stored in an upright position in a dry, flat and ventilated storage area away from direct sun-light.