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In-Line Slate Ventilator

Discreet Low profile solution for roof space & soil/mechanical terminal ventilation

In line  slate ventilator is a discreet unit with a base which will provide inconspicuous ventilation in natural and man made slate roofs. This design accommodates 600mm x 300mm slate sizes. Suitable for high or low level ventilation in roofs of 25° and over. Each vent has a slotted inhibitor to keep out large insects and vermin and provides a free vent area of 10,000mm². The slate vent can be converted to a terminal by adding appropriate adaptor.

Description Ventilation Length Width Diameter Pack Qty
600 x 300 in Line slate ventilator RV10/24
Slate soil pipe adaptor kit ILSPA

• To ventilate direct to roof space

• High or low level roof space ventilation

• Mechanical extract/inlets terminal with the additional soil pipe adaptor kit

• Direct replacement for 600mm x 300mm slate

• Minimum roof pitch of 22°

• Maximum roof pitch of 55°

• To allow 10,000mm² free vent area

• Discreet low-profile design

• Optional adaptor kit available to 110mm diameter pipe

• Meets requirements of BS5250:2021 Management of moisture in buildings

• Provides compliance with BS5534

• Complies with Building regulation approved documents F1 & C2

• Assists in meeting requirements of the domestic ventilation compliance guide 2010

• Prevents ingress of water, birds, vermin and large insects

• Lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rotting

• Slate vent manufactured in Black Polypropylene.

• Adaptor manufactured in Polypropylene.

• Flexible tube manufactured in Polyethylene.


Installation Instructions