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Rhinoplast Ultra Radon Barrier

A monolithic LDPE  barrier designed primarily for use with Radon gas. Fully Radon gas tested and approved by NSAI (IAB) Meets the requirements of BRE211.

Description Roll width Length Thickness M2/roll
Rhinoplast Ultra Radon Barrier

Radon (incl. Rn-222, Rn-220,RnD) is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which enters buildings from the underlying soil. The gas can accumulate within a building to such a concentration as to constitute a health hazard. Radon is excluded from buildings using passive and active systems. The provision of a suitable protection system, designed and installed by competent personnel will substantially reduce the risk of a building having radon activity above a recommended target health level of 10-40 Bq/m³ (USA). Passive control systems consist of a radon resisting membrane extending across the whole of the building, including the floor and walls. These systems should also incorporate an underfloor ventilated sump or sumps which can be subsequently converted into an active control system by the use of suitable ventilation fans. A radon resisting membrane will also act as a damp proof membrane to protect the building against ingress of moisture from the ground.


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