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Rhinoplast Amber 2000 Gas Barrier

A monolithic LDPE barrier. Excellent strength and puncture resistance. Exceeds the requirements of BRE211. Complies with NHBC Amber 1 installations. CS2 dependant on construction type.

Description Roll width Length Thickness M2/roll
Amber 2000 Gas Barrier
Rhinoplast Amber 2000 Gas Barrier is a low permeability, highly robust monolithic thermoplastic LDPE membrane for use as a Radon, C02 and low level Methane barrier. The barrier provides a safe solution for use in the construction of buildings and dwellings when installed according to the relevant code of practice. The product is coloured grey and is centre folded to minimise creasing under screeds and for ease of handling on site. The product has excellent strength and puncture resistance. Primarily designed to meet the requirements of NHBC characteristic Amber 1 


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