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Sappi Redmore SBS




High plasticity and flexibility makes it suitable for use in the most adverse climate conditions and finest quality raw materials ensure an exceptional service life. The reinforcement used in the SBS Torch On Roofing Membranes range of elastomeric membranes represents the most advanced achievements of modern technology and when combined correctly they can satisfy every specific requirement of waterproofing. SBS Torch On Roofing Membrane is an isotropic, thermally bonded and rot proof non-woven Spunbond polyester carrier which gives the product excellent mechanical characteristics and stability.

High elasticity makes it perfect for all structures particularly subject to dimensional variations and wherever elasticity and resistance are required.

The SBS Torch On Roofing Membrane range is also available with glass-fibre mat reinforcement, which makes it rot proof and provides maximum dimensional stability.

Intended Use

• Domestic civil and industrial roofs in multi layer systems.

• Concrete roofs (flat or curved), metal and timber decks.

• Warm or cold roofs.

• Underfloor, foundations, underground, tanking, terraces, canals.

• Under tiles or slates and re-roofing of existing coverings.

• The mineral version, with slate chippings is specifically used as a cap sheet.

Description Roll Size
Redmore 2kg Underlay
1m x 16m
Redmore 4kg Sand
1m x 8m
Redmore 4.5kg Mineral
1m x 8m