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Economy Roofers Torch


It is possible to put down the torch with the bell upwards by using the stand in order to avoid the contact of the flame with the surface to be heated.

Protective Coil

The protective coil prevents the gas hose from bending and cutting at its weakest point, that is the connection with the torch. It is fitted as standard to all the models.


This torch has been specifically designed and made for the application of modified bitumen membranes. Thanks to its powerful flame, this torch allows good performances and a high output. It has been designed paying the greatest attention to safety and environmental aspects and also taking into consideration ergonomic factors and noise levels. It has got a fast lever and a main valve by which the flow of gas can be opened, cut off and regulated to the low point. This model is equipped with a head which allows a good output and it is composed of brass valves and a plastic hand wheel. It is flame welded with a sliver/copper alloy and each part is tested very carefully. The whole range is available both in the standard version and with optional accessories.