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Roofing Felt Adhesive

A cold applied bitumen adhesive suitable for all types of felt. Also used as a lapping adhesive.

Sizes availabe: 2.5l | 5l | 25l


High-quality roofing felt adhesive, the perfect solution for securely bonding roofing felt to various surfaces. Provides exceptional durability and reliable performance, our roofing felt adhesive is the ultimate choice for professional roofers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Advanced formulation that ensures a strong and lasting bond. It effectively bonds roofing felt to a variety of substrates, including timber, metal, and concrete, providing an impenetrable barrier against moisture, wind, and extreme weather conditions.

Whether you’re working on a residential roof, garden shed, or commercial building, our roofing felt adhesive is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used for installing or repairing roofing felt, creating a watertight seal, and securing overlaps and edges.