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CM8 Mesh Membrane

CM8 Mesh Membrane is a versatile membrane which incorporates a tough HDPE mesh lathing welded to the front face to allow the direct application of various plaster finishes or adhesive ‘dabs’ and plasterboard. Large 8mm studs provide excellent drainage and ventilation capacity, making CM8 Mesh the choice of professionals for basement and cellar conversions. CM8 Mesh is suitable for waterproofing in accordance with BS8102:2009 to provide Type ‘C’ drained protection to structures below ground, giving a Grade 3 or 4 dry environment that is suitable for domestic and commercial use. In basements, it is essential that CM8 Mesh is used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility (unless passive drainage is available).

CM8 Mesh Membrane is a high-density polyethylene cavity drain membrane which allows the isolation of wet walls above and below ground. A high performance bonded mesh allows multiple finishes to be applied directly to the membrane.

Description Size Sheet Thickness Stud Height
Cm8 Waterproofing Membrane
2m x 20m
  • Part of a Type C Cavity Drain Membrane System in line with BS8102:2009
  • Quick to install – Minimal preparation needed to wall and floor surfaces
  • Easy to fold around windows and doors
  • Easily cut down using a sharp blade
  • No drying out process – redecoration can occur immediately
  • Little or no damage to the existing structure
  • Low and high temperature tolerance
  • Creates a dry, habitable living space in areas previously suffering from damp/wet conditions
  • Waterproof, salt inhibiting, root and contaminant resistant

Walls, Floors, Vaults, Tunnels, Above and below ground level, Waterproofing applica-tions and Damp-proofing applications.

For further information please download our data sheets or contact the Our Technical Department

Product DescriptionCM8 Mesh Membrane 2 x 20 m
Packaging and Size2 m x 20 m, 31 Kg
Coverage40 m²
StorageStore in an upright position, under cover and away from high temperatures and open flames
Life ExpectancyThe lifetime of the structure, when stored and installed in line with the datasheet recommendations.