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Guardian Torch On Tanking Membrane

Techno Guardian is a highly puncture resistant bitumen polymer torch applied tanking membrane combining the best characteristics of a waterproofing layer, bonding for insulation, drainage and built in protection properties.

This unique combination of characteristics is made possible because of the dimples on the upperside of the membrane. These dimples aid drainage, and provide adhesion points for insulation or protection board where required. Techno Guardian can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Techno Guardian should be fully bonded by propane torch application to a pre-primed surface (Solvent based bitumen primer is available for this purpose) Rolls should be overlapped along the length using the self edge. To achieve an effective seal on the end laps, a 20cm wide bonding strip of Sappi 4kg APP sanded torch on should be bonded to the substrate and the techno guardian butt joined over the centre of the bonding strip. Should it be required, the dimples on the membrane can be melted with a moderate torching action and insulation or protection board can then be adhered to them.

Techno guardian is an Elastoplastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (BBP) compound in distilled bitumen with high molecular weight polymer, reinforced with non woven spunbond polyester fabric and stabilised with glass. The surface is enhanced with a pattern of elliptical dimples covered with a thermofusible PE film. Tanking membranes for foundations and walls. CE marked to EN 13969

Description Size Weight
Guardian Torch on tanking membrane
1m x 7.5m