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CM8 Geotex Drainage Membrane

Typically used to isolate and protect the basement structure from surrounding  soil and relieve hydrostatic pressure by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure. The Geotexile drainage membrane provides excellent protection from root penetration and can also increase the structures thermal insulation.

CM8 Geotextile Membrane dual layers comprise of Wykamol’s CM8, 8 mm studded HDPE membrane and a nonwoven geotextile manufactured from UV stabilised, high tenacity, virgin polypropylene fibres that have been mechanically entangled to provide high strength, high extensibility, high loft and excellent abrasion characteristics. The geotextiles are also thermally treated to reduce thickness while maintaining excellent mechanical properties.

Description Size Sheet Thickness Stud Height Geotextile Thickness
CM8 Geotex Membrane
2m x 20m
  • Suitable for use with all construction types
  • Drains off water before reaching the waterproof coating
  • Combined drainage and protection board
  • Easy handling, rapid installation
  • Rugged, durable construction with thermal insulation benefits
  • Filtration layers prevent silting-up
  • High compressive strength and drainage capacity
  • Allows back-filling with excavated earth
  • Withstands stress and movement in the background

• Isolate and protect external structure from surrounding soil

• Helps relieve hydrostatic pressure from the face of the structure

• Ideal for retaining walls, podium decks, external tanking and green roof applications.

For further information please download our data sheets or contact the Our Technical Department

Product DescriptionGeotex Membrane, Black
Packaging and Size2 m x 20 m, 24.4 Kg
Coverage40 m²
StorageStore in an upright position, under cover and away from high temperatures and open flames
Life ExpectancyThe lifetime of the structure, when stored and installed in line with the datasheet recommendations.