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Bullet Roof Mono Top

Stock sizes; 10kg kit – 7.2kg + 2.8kg pigment 

Bullet Roof Mono Top is an exceptionally tough protection coat which can be used to provide wear and abrasion resistance, and to create anti slip surfaces when used in conjunction with a quartz aggregate. Mono Top can withstand heavy pedestrian foot traffic and also vehicle traffic. Being fully aliphatic, it also has very high UV resistance. Mono top can also be used to further extend the service life of the Bullet Roof Mono system in excess of 35+ years in normal use. This enables the Bullet Roof Mono system to be used in applications of extreme wear and abrasion such as balconies and car parks. Mono top can be sprayed using airless spray to refurbish existing roof sheets (plastisol coated steel, asbestos etc) when used in conjunction with the correct primer (contact Bullet Roof Technical department) to provide unparalleled levels of protection from the elements, extending the existing structures serviceable life for additional decades. When using Mono Top to extend the service life of the Bullet Roof Mono system in normal/low traffic areas it can be applied at a rate of 0.150-0.400 kg m2 in a single coat. When using Mono top as a protection coat in high traffic areas, two coats must be applied. When Mono top is being applied onto a new Bullet Roof Mono system it must be applied with 72 hours of the Bullet Roof Mono application. If this window is exceeded apply Bullet Roof Quick Prime (cures in times from 10 minutes) to achieve the optimum bond required. Contact Bullet Roof technical for advice.

  • For Warm & Cold Specifications

  • Special Primers Allow for Application onto Damp/Green Concrete (Bullet Roof DPM Primer)

  • Seamless

  • Suitable for New & Refurbishment Projects

  • Addition of Super Tough Topcoat Allows for Heavy Foot & Vehicle Traffic


Bullet Roof - Before and After