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Bullet Roof Epoxy Primer AC

Bullet Roof Anti Corrosion Epoxy Metal Primer
Stock sizes; 4.5kg | 12kg

2 Part Kit.

Part A: 10kg, 3.6kg

Part B: 2.5kg, 0.9kg


With excellent anti-corrosion properties this primer is the perfect choice for steel and iron gutters or any other steel/iron surface. This high penetration primer is a 2 component epoxy based primer with a long overcoating window of up to 15 days meaning large areas can be treated without having to re-prime. Touch dry in 8hrs and can be overcoated in 24hrs*. Other surfaces that can be primed using Bullet Roof ® Epoxy Primer AC include glass, ceramics, tiles, clay tiles, concrete, fibre glass, plastic, PVC and concrete. Refer to technical data sheet for details.

*dependant on outside temperatures*

  • For Warm & Cold Specifications

  • Special Primers Allow for Application onto Damp/Green Concrete (Bullet Roof DPM Primer)

  • Seamless

  • Suitable for New & Refurbishment Projects

  • Addition of Super Tough Topcoat Allows for Heavy Foot & Vehicle Traffic


Bullet Roof - Before and After