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Bullet Roof DPM Primer

Stock sizes; 20kg  – 2 part

Part A: 10kg

Part B: 10kg


This unique product enables damp, moist and green concrete to be primed at surface temperatures of +5 degrees and rising saving large amounts of down time. It cures rapidly to from a DPM or damp proof membrane. The product is virtually VOC free and water based meaning it can be used internally and in confined areas without the danger of being overcome by the fumes that are associated with traditional priming products.

Bullet Roof DPM primer is resistant to negative/back pressure immediately upon application even before a full cure is achieved! Once fully cured it will resist up to 10 bar negative/back pressure. Bullet Roof DPM primer is an excellent substrate sealer that will create a waterproof and damp proof layer. It can be over-coated with most waterproofing and tanking systems. Quartz sand can be broadcast whilst the product is wet to provide additional key in preparation for further liquid waterproofing/tanking product layers. Quick cure times allow for the overcoating of Bullet Roof DPM primer in the same day saving further down time. Bullet Roof DPM primer can be used effectively with self-levelling mortars, screeds and concrete, and allows them to be waterproofed/tanked in much quicker times than previously possible. Green and damp surfaces can be easily encapsulated without negatively affecting the cure time or performance, and without needing to wait for full cure or for the substrate to fully dry.

  • For Warm & Cold Specifications

  • Special Primers Allow for Application onto Damp/Green Concrete (Bullet Roof DPM Primer)

  • Seamless

  • Suitable for New & Refurbishment Projects

  • Addition of Super Tough Topcoat Allows for Heavy Foot & Vehicle Traffic


Bullet Roof - Before and After