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Rhinovent Breather Membranes
The Rhinovent Breathable Roof Tile underlays are a composite structure, manufactured by lamination of a water vapour permeable film between two layers of non woven spun bond polypropylene to form a flexible, vapour permeable, roof tile underlay for unsupported and fully supported specifications.

Key Features

Underlay for warm and cold pitched roofs

Unventialted warm and vented cold roofs: BBA Certified

Certified in the UK for unventilated cold roofs

Excellent resistance to water penetration

Protects against wind driven rain, snow and dust

Excellent water vapour transmission properties

Enhanced flammability resistance to EN 11925-2

Durable, flexible and lightweight


BBA Certification
Permeable Roof Tile Underlay - Guide to Good Site Practice

Product Resources

All our product data sheets are available to download. D.O.P's and C.E documentation can be sent on request. We regularly update our literature with changes in industry regulations.