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Stellgas Terminal

To be fixed into an existing chimney pot or flue liner, to convey combustion gases from a gas fire safely into the atmosphere.


• Inspect existing chimney for cracks and ensure the inside of the chimney pot is clear and free from debris.

• Check that the cement flaunching is sound and the pot is fully secure • Clean the inside of the top of the pot and the joint face of the pot.

• Inspect the terminal. Confirm it is undamaged and ensure all surfaces are clean and free of debris.

• Mix the mortar with brick coloured dye and apply a bead of mortar to the top of the face of the pot.

• Carefully insert the spigot into the pot and lightly press down onto the mortar joint.

• Align the terminal vertical and trim off excess mortar.

• Ensure the mortar is smooth and tapered out, to allow rain to run down the outside of the chimney pot.

Description Colours Size
Stellgas Terminal
Red, Buff
180mm Spigot