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Single Wound Screeding Membrane

Single Wound Screeding membrane is a low density polythene membrane for use under floor screeds which are not subject to hydrostatic pressure, to protect buildings against moisture from the ground.

The membrane is manufactured in standard 125mu, 250mu and 300mu thickness and in roll sizes of 1.5m x 100m. (125mu) 2m x 100m (125mu),
2m x 50m (250mu) and 2m x 50m (300mu), although other sizes are available to special order.

The membrane is produced by the blown extrusion process. The product is single would onto cardboard cores and has no folds. This is particularly important when used in conjunction with lightweight screeds to eliminate the possibility of cracking over folds and creases.

Dimensions Thickness
1.5m x 100m, 2m x 100m
2m x 50m
2m x 50m