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Architrave Bead

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel to BS2989 GRADE z2, Architrave bead is designed to form a plasterstop and shadow gap. With return flange, it is ideal for abutting steel and timber door frames, and without a return flange, it is ideal for fitting into the rebate of door frames. The recess can be painted the same as the wall or even a contrasting colour.


Available in 3.0m lengths in galvanised steel only.

Architrave Feature Bead is used to form a decorative shadow line at plaster edge, at door and window reveals and other joinery features. It can also be used to act as a neat divide between differing wall finishes. Available with or without a return flange – (engaging or abutting).

All galvanised materials are manufactured from steel to DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275).

Stainless steel materials are manufactured from steel to EN 10088-2 grade 1.4301 (standard supersedes BS1449 Part 2: 1983 grade 304 S15).

Manufactured in accordance with BS6452 Part 1: 1984.

Description Sizes Box Qty
Architrave Bead 13mm